What we do

–  Maximo Cloud
–  Maximo Implementations & Upgrades
–  Maximo Support
–  Cognos Business Intelligence
–  Maximo Licence Verification Audits

Together with our strategic and operations partner, Projetech Inc. www.projetech.com,
we have over 18-years’ experience and over
100 cloud customers, including in Australia.

We are the world’s largest user of Maximo licences. Together with Projetech we are the most experienced, proven and respected provider of Maximo in the cloud.

There are 3 layers to Kalibrate’s Maximo Cloud Solution

1.        The Security Layer (BAE Systems. ISO 27001 from 2017)
2.        The Hosting Layer (IBM Softlayer data centres – in both Melbourne & Sydney)
3.        The Application Support Layer
a.        Premier Support (Optional On-site)
b.        Best Practice Design
c.        Lift and Shift from on-premise to the cloud
d.        Business Intelligence and Reporting (Cognos)
e.        Training and Change Management
f.         Preferential Pricing

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to see Maximo users obtain the benefit of our knowledge, skills & experience. That may be a true cloud solution, or on-premise, or us making the transition to Maximo as a Service (MaaS) for you. It’s how we do it that makes the difference.

Our Clients

Kalibrate has delivered results for clients in
a wide-range of industries. Our clients value
on-time delivery, ROI and the very best advice in helping them achieve business outcomes. Just a few are above.

For further information, please contact

Founder & CEO
/ Michael Milstein michael@kalibrate.net

Director of Operations
/ Kobie Kruger  kkruger@kalibrate.net

Director of Support
/ Peter Podhraczky ppodhraczky@kalibrate.net

Director of Administration & HR
/ Fran Dalglish fdalglish@kalibrate.net

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